This is video is exactly what it says in the title. A few months ago I visited Saudi Arabia and if you know anything about me you’ll probably know that I absolutely love travelling. (In fact, one of the items on my bucket list is to visit all of the 7 continents.) From the rain and below 0 temperatures of Northern Europe, I went to the Middle East. And yes it was very, very hot…41 degrees was the highest temperature whilst I was there! And I just loved my time there!

As you’ll see in the video, we visited 3 cities, Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah…and of course I had my camera glued to me the whole time. It was actually quite difficult to photograph in Saudi Arabia for a few reasons. First of all, we visited a lot of different places in just 2 short weeks (I’m not complaining) which meant a lot of travelling, so it wasn’t the most convenient move to keep pulling my camera out and adjusting the settings to capture every moment. Secondly, quite a lot of the places we visited had a strictly no cameras policy so I couldn’t quite shoot everything I would have wanted…but a suppose beautiful places, as long as I can visualise them in my mind is good enough for me! Believe it or not, the third reason is because most of the images you will see were actually taken from the car, yep, the moving car. Not classy. 

I throughly enjoyed my time in Saudi, not just because of the photos (I didn’t actually take that many), but just being able to immerse myself into a different culture and environment. England and Saudi are probably two completely polar opposite places, weather being the primary reason why. I even managed to practise my Arabic skills whilst I was there…which was just, just amazing! The small satisfaction of being able to understand when you were being told that a certain item was not allowed to be taken on to the plane, or when the hotel worker told us we couldn’t go into a certain part of the building and even simple remarks made by people there, which my sister found incredibly funny when I translated them to her.

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