This is by no means a political post even thought it could be visioned as one by some looking at its timely fashion and all the disasters we as the human race can be seen finding ourselves in at this moment in time. But, this is just an expression of thought, a plea for peace and a call for unity.Out of all the values that we hold as a global nation I really do believe equality is the most important. It is absolutely fundamental for human interaction whether it’s based on race, religion, gender…we are all equal. And that is a fact of life. It is an objective truth. Racism, discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes…they just simply should not exist, in any capacity at all, ever! The thought that we have had so many generations to perfect our civilisation, in which we’ve made a multitude of catastrophic mistakes, and even bear witnessed the most horrific atrocities of humanity unfold on the very Earth that we stand, and yet we have not learnt one thing, really terrifies me. The fear of history repeating itself is something I feel is looming over the entire world. We have advanced so much in terms of Science, Technology, Knowledge, Education, can we really afford to take such a huge backwards step? Think!

Place yourself in perspective. There are zillions and billions of galaxies in the whole universe. Each of these galaxies has an almost infinitely number of stars. Each of these stars have their own solar systems with numerous planets orbiting them. So if you then think about the incredibly unimaginable quantity of planets we have within this vast, ever-expanding, immeasurable, boundless space that is defined as the universe, and then zone in to planet Earth…the one and only single body in the entire universe that’s able to sustain life. That really is something special. Take a second to reflect on that again. Amongst the vast zillions of millions of light years in the universe, the only place where there is a living presence is the meagre 510.1 million km squared on the surface of planet Earth. That is indeed a truly remarkable thought, we are unique, distinctive, blessed.

Earth is the only planet where living organisms can breathe, where we can exist. It’s the only planet that has been given this precious gift of life, bestowed with this incomprehensible blessing. So being here, living a phenomenon so rare that it isn’t seen anywhere else in this infinitely large universe is a huge responsibility. And what are we doing? We are fighting each other, trying to wipe out the lives of others? The one place where life exists and we are selfishly, inhumanely, irresponsibly trying to remove it. My heart breaks at this thought. Every life of every human, of every age, from every place, of every nationality, of every ethnicity, from every social status, with every belief is valuable. You are as valuable as the person next to you as the person across the road from you as that person on the other side of the world. When did this disregard from human life begin?

Spread love not hate. I know this is probably an over-said saying, but I’ll still sit here and say it again and again. It reverberates the truth so greatly, so loudly and so clearly. Just take a moment and think about it for a second. Why would you hate another human being? Why would you hate someone because they were born a different colour to you? Why would you hate someone because they have different beliefs to you? Why would you hate someone because they are different to you? I find it completely absurd!

Every single human being has an a million times more similarities with each other than differences. 99.9% of your DNA is identical to every other human being on the planet! So why do we fight each other? Why don’t we accept each other? Love, peace, unity…these are the words that our world should be built on now. Not hatred.

Posted by:Life of a Medic