I feel as though it’s tradition to write a new year’s post, so that’s why I’m here! 2017 was a huge rollercoaster of a year, it was one hugely stressful, emotional and yet immensely gratifying year. So many things happened this year and the outcomes of many things in this year in a way paved a lot of what’s to come in the future. So I thought why not take a look back at the year and think about all the things (no matter how big, or how small) 2017 managed to claim as the first year I did those things…

Here goes (with the help of my diary and also my very useful Twitter feed)…

1. My first ever official interview

And that first interview was indeed my Manchester one. I remember I was so nervous that I was just trying to concentrate on trying to control my limbs from physically shaking as I walked into the building. Coming out of the interview all I can remember was the sheer relief I felt and the thought of just how quickly the time had gone whilst I was in there! Thankfully it was enough to bring me here today.

2. Voting for the first time

Having an unexpected early election meant that I was able to cast my very first vote years earlier than I thought I’d be able to. There’s no denying, that’s definitely a landmark moment!

3. First time eating a macaroon

I actually can’t believe that I was deprived of these heavenly treats for eighteen whole years, but there you are, that’s a moment I should remember because I do abolsutely adore macaroons. I actually went and tried to bake some myself this year too. Although I don’t have any images of the finished product, I do have a snap of the process:

4. First time I stayed overnight in hospital

My baby brother was very poorly and I had to spend the night with him there. Although it wasn’t for me, thinking about it now it was actually the first time I’ve ever spent the night in a hospital bed.

5. First time going to Eid Salah (Prayer)

On the morning of Eid there are prayers which are optional for girls to attend, and this year for the first time I went with my mum and my sisters which was really nice.

6. First time I prepared a party

… with the help of others of course. This was an Eid party which me and my sisters had so much fun organising with my mum, and we obviously made sure to make everything the way we’d like it – with lots of sweet treats!


7. My first political rally

After collecting my A level results, I went to a small community gathering in which I met Jeremy Corbyn. And then after that we headed off to the rally in the area!

8. Visiting Turkey for the first time

Honestly I could have broken this one up into about 20 different first events in itself. I did so many amazing things and saw so many beautiful places. But this was ultimately my very first time visiting another European country!

9. First time swimming & snorkelling in the sea

Yes, this was in Turkey but it definitely deserves its own mention because I cannot believe I had never tasted the saltiness of seawater before this year came by.

10. First time winning something through the internet

I won this gorgeous Feminist scarf from nourka.com and I was literally the happiest girl ever that day! It’s yet to be worn though, I’m saving it for a special occasion…


11. First time getting offers/rejections

Applying to medical school was actually my first time being in a “selection process”, which was one of the reasons for my…

12. First time being this stressed

I’ll let the tweets speak for themselves…

13. Getting my own laptop

This was a gift fro my mum for my A level results and it definitely is something that means a lot to me.

14. Having my first own set of keys

…for my flat. The first time I’ve lived away from home.


15. First day of university 

The first day of this whole new chapter began in this year. I described it as exciting, overwhelming and exhausting in a post where I wrote about the experience. You can read it here!

16. First time seeing a real human brain

Starting Anatomy as part of the course means that this happened this year too.

17. First time going to the doctor’s by myself 😂

And why not end this post on the irony that I want to be a doctor, but I dislike going to the doctor’s myself. Moving out to university meant that I no longer had company when going for an appointment…

Hope you all enjoyed this post. There’s a huge part of me wishing I had done this for 2016 because I can think of loads of incredible “firsts” of 2016: first time using my Arabic abroad, first time driving, going ice-skating for the first time, the first 24 hours I went without sleeping…

Let me know all the things you did for the first time this year!

Happy New Year!<<<<<<<<<<<

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