My BMAT Notes

The BMAT is quite different to the UKCAT, that’s something you’ll come to realise as soon as you begin preparation. Whether you’ve booked yourself in for the earlier date or the later date, as soon as you’ve sat your UKCAT, you do need to begin preparation!

Most people are quite apprehensive when it comes to the BMAT and it seems to have been branded as the “harder test”. I personally found the BMAT much better than the UKCAT and thinking back on it I think the reason for that is because I felt the BMAT was much more prepare-able. It’s a lot more like your standard pen and paper test, it’s taken at your school so the environment is a lot more familiar and…you have past papers (something which we couldn’t have dreamed of with the UKCAT)!

The advantage of the BMAT having past papers is that you can develop a technique, identify the different question types and teach yourself how to best tackle them. I’ve shared my BMAT notes, with the techniques and I used to help me through the questions so you can all benefit from the same methods. I received interviews from both of the BMAT universities I applied to and I definitely think having a strategy is what helped me through this admissions test!

I’ve published my BMAT notes here so you are all able to access them!