CONFESSIONS OF A GP | Dr. Benjamin Daniels

IMG_4664The first sentence of this book started with: “Humans have a universal desire to be listened and share their stories of pain and suffering.” I really loved this simple and accurate observation…the author went on to describe his role as a GP of listening to patients and hearing their stories. I think that is a really insightful perspective as even from the time I spent in a GP practice, I noticed that more than diagnosing, the doctor was listening and being someone who could provide time for the patient. Continue reading “CONFESSIONS OF A GP | Dr. Benjamin Daniels”


IMG_4665This book was authored by a surgeon and based around the idea that a simple checklist can act as the solution to all the problems faced within life’s complexities, particularly within medical procedures. He argued that having a checklist can prevent us from making silly mistakes or forgetting basic steps. They provide a basic, but effective protection against failures. This is something I was able to relate to and understand on a day to day basis. Many people make checklist of things they have to do, but this book highlighted the effects that this act could have on a greater level. He gave numerous examples of this proving to be successful in many different settings and industries.

Continue reading “THE CHECKLIST MANIFESTO | Atul Gawande”