It’s not uncommon for people to be frightened of or even refuse to have an MRI scan. Up until today all I knew was that an MRI scan generates images using a magnetic field (from GCSE Physics) and that the machine looks like a tunnel which you are moved through (from photographs). This morning however, I woke up and went to the hospital to have an MRI scan taken for myself. I thought it would be interesting to reflect on this experience seeing as I have been on the other side of this situation when I was involved in trying to encourage a child to go for a CT scan during my volunteering on a Children’s Ward.
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A glioblastoma is type of cancerous brain tumour.

Despite securing a medical school place the I do still want to continue volunteering at my local hospice which I have been doing for over 2 years now. It has been a very rewarding experience and helped me to develop a lot of skills. Every so often, during my volunteering I meet an interesting patient who makes me think about things a little deeper. So today I would like to share the case of a new patient at the hospice.



This is a title I grabbed from a Daily Mail article. Now, on the outset this seems like a major catastrophe and anyone would be concerned that it could indeed be ‘health tourism’ that’s causing all the problems of underfunding and shortage of resources in the NHS. But is it really? And is health tourism as big of a problem as it is sometimes made out to be? Continue reading ““HEALTH TOURISM IS COSTING THE NHS BILLIONS!””


IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilisation and it is one of the several techniques available to allow people with fertility problems to have children. NICE guidelines recommend that IVF should be offered to women under 43 years of age who have been trying to get pregnant for two years. However, the final decision about who can have NHS-funded IVF in England is made by local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), and their criteria may be stricter than those recommended by NICE.  Continue reading “SHOULD THE NHS PROVIDE IVF FOR WOMEN OVER 40? “


I’m back again today with another topic I want to talk about! I’ve actually touched on the topic of dementia before in a previous post, but as I was reviewing it I realised that I hadn’t discussed whether a cure would be a possibility, which is something that everybody seems to wondering and hoping. I would like to use this post to review current research on dementia and reflect on other ways that scientists are hopeful the condition could be cured. I will be discussing: the development of dementia, trials for a new dementia drug, strobe light therapy, gene therapy, a dementia vaccine and stem cells. Now let’s jump straight into it. Make sure you read the post I wrote earlier for a good background before you delve into this one. Continue reading “WILL WE BE ABLE TO FIND A CURE FOR DEMENTIA? 💡”


The number of people who are considered clinically obese has actually tripled in the last 25 years, making obesity a growing concern for doctors and health professionals. Obesity is also becoming more frequently seen amongst children. I would like to take a step back and think about some of the reasons why obesity has increased so rapidly, and also think about ways in which the issue could potentially be resolved.  Continue reading “OBESITY – A GLOBAL EPIDEMIC”


Today, I’d like to share a recent experience. Each doctor involved in this story could have made the difference but there were mistakes and shortfallings at each stage with every doctor that was encountered. I’m not writing this to criticise these doctors, because I’m sure they are brilliant healthcare professionals…but I’m writing it to look at the overall situation from the patient’s perspective. The patient is someone I know quite well so I accompanied them to the hospital and was quite shocked at the way her problems were handled. I’ve received permission to share her story (so don’t worry about confidentiality), but for the purpose of this I will refer to her as X. There were a few key qualities that were missing which led to a compromise in the care of the patient, mainly the lack of effective communication and teamwork. Continue reading “THE FRUSTRATION OF MISCOMMUNICATION”


Please only answer the poll below if you are the parent of an Autistic child.

As part of my EPQ I decided to investigate the possibility of a link between Autism and Synaesthesia. I’m at the stage of gathering some primary evidence for my report so I’d be very grateful if you could share your opinion.

Please could you answer as to whether your child has experienced any sensory symptoms. This could include:

  • Certain textures causing discomfort
  • Finding some flavours and foods too strong and overpowering
  • Touch being uncomfortable or painful
  • Noise being magnified or sounds becoming disported and muddled
  • Difficulty cutting background noise out

Thank you