Today when I went to the ward I was walking round to make sure all the children were happy and relaxed and I came across a baby who was crying a lot. My first instinct was to go and help calm him down and play with him to relax him. But he was in a separate room which I noticed had a ‘protective isolation’ sign on the door. I knew from my previous experiences that patients can be isolated for one of two reasons: either for their own protection, or to protect other patients from the illness they have if it’s contagious. Upon noticing this, I went and spoke to a nurse about whether I would be appropriate for me to enter the room. It’s very important that within a healthcare setting you understand your role and the level of your competency. I am involved in the caring role, so am not made aware of the patient’s conditions. I also am not qualified to judge whether it would be safe to enter a room where a patient is isolated for their own protection, as well as the procedures on how to do so.

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Today during my volunteering I was assigned a baby to take care of whose parents weren’t here yet. I took some toys and engaged the child in play. The baby had a nasal oxygen pipe as well as a foodpipe which brought back memories of my brother who had the same. My experience with my brother was helpful in this instance as when I moved the baby around hi oxygen monitor would start beeping. If I had not been familiar with this equipment I would have panicked and become worried as to why it was beeping, but I knew from experience that when the baby wriggles around, the monitor can unnecessarily beep and it’s nothing to worry about. I was also familiar with the issue of the nasal pipe popping out of the nose which would result in the child not receiving the oxygen he needed, so I made sure every time I noticed it was out I put it back in.  Continue reading “LOOKING AFTER A BABY… 👶”


My first day at the children’s ward! I was given a tour around the area as part of my induction. I think I’m really going to love being in this ward as there are so many different jobs I could engage myself in and I definitely like to be really hands on, keeping myself busy. My role includes: tidying toys, cleaning toys, holding group sessions with the children; playing with the children and ultimately making sure that they’re happy by getting them what they want.