This is going to be an ongoing list of all the medical books I have read and I hope to read…

I’ll be linking a short review to the ones that have been read, so make sure to click on it and go to check that out!

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I’ve just finished reading this amazing book! I got it at a GP conference I went to earlier on in the year and I managed to pick up a signed copy there! • • The book follows the experiences of a junior doctor and is written in a collection of diary entries. It details specific patient encounters and experiences from the author’s perspective, highlighting the highs and lows of working in the NHS in a comical fashion. The author shares his feelings and frustrations of working in a hospital, how on one moment he’s still a student and then goes on to have responsibility over someone’s life. The book is raw and honest. Maybe even a little too honest at times. • • I loved this book! Every page made you almost laugh out loud, but at the same time made you mor aware of the realities of working as a doctor. The ending was truly heartbreaking, even though I already knew what it was before reading the book, it still has a huge impact on you when reading it! • • I’d highly recommend this book to everyone, not just for the great entertainment value, but also because of the true insight it gives into what life is like working as a doctor in the NHS today.

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