Hello, can I just say that your year 1 AQA biology posters are so useful and thank you for sharing them x


I’m mid revision for my year one biology revision and I’m currently working in my revision resources. These resources look much more clear and concise than the book I’m currently working though and would be very helpful to have.


These are soo useful as quick revision notes.


I managed to find the notes you made for AS biology and I found them really useful, I was comparing. them to mine and adding in any content that I was missing gaps. Thanks for posting them online, it’s really useful as the notes are quite condensed and exam question orientated also!


With exams coming up I find these summaries really beneficial in helping me learn and understand the biology content, plus I am also studying the AQA spec !


Hey your AS/A2 biology notes are awesome!


I just recently purchased your amazing year 1 biology notes after reading the sample and seeing that they were writen so well!


I am absolutely loving your website and I just wish I found it earlier!


I am currently studying Alevel Biology and find your notes very useful.


Hi, I just wanted to say your one page summaries are amazing and concise.


I’ve just found your notes and they look amazing.


I am very content to say that your notes are the reason I am passing. The simplicity is outstanding. The fact that you can squeeze the whole textbook within only like 20 pages is amazing.


I think your notes are incredible!


I’ve been using your biology posters and they’re hugely helpful and so pretty! They’re good summaries and have helped me lots.


Hello, I came across your biology notes and they are so useful and wonderful.


Your A level revision notes are so helpful! Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver, these notes are incredible!


Hi i have been going through your notes recently and have found them very helpful.


Beautiful A-level biology notes! Thank you for taking the time to post them.


Thank you so much for posting your notes, they have been a great help!


I have found the summary notes incredibly useful.


Hey, these notes are AMAZING! Much appreciated xx


I love your notes they’re so useful! 🙂


i am a 2nd year a level college student who wants to study medicine, when i came across your gorgeous notes. I really admire your notes and want to incorporate them into my revision and i’m even more pleased to know that they are the new a levels aqa specific


HI I really love your revision note one page summaries. Thanks once again I was so stressed until i found your website.


This blog is incredible and I’m finding your revision notes very useful.


Thanks so much for the notes they really help!!!


I want to thank you so much for sharing your revision notes, I’m finding them very useful


I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog, you have so many useful resources and brilliant information.


These are soo useful as quick revision notes.


I’ve been using your biology A-Level notes for the past few weeks and they’ve been super helpful.


Hi, I find your notes so easy to understand helpful for my revision.


Heyy, I got the link to your blog from the Medic Portal after going on their BMAT course. I just wanted to say that I really like the concise way you’ve made these revision sheets.


Hey! Just wanted to say how thankful I am for your as and a2 Bio summary notes – they’re super super useful thank you for sharing them 💛💛💛 My exams are in one month and if im being honest I’m a bit behind on revision.. your notes are so concise I love them so much! … Continue reading StudyGainz


A big thank you for the notes you put up on sale on your website. They’re such a massive help to me and because of them I’ll be done with biology content by the end of this week !


I am currently revising for my A Level Biology Year 1 exams and I am finding your notes really useful.


Hi i really found your notes helpful! Thank you so much


I absolutely love your notes- they’ve given me some serious revision inspo recently!


The A2 & AS biology notes you’ve shared are really good and very useful 🙂


Loving all your blogs on the medic portal and I just realised that you have a website too?! I just saw your A-level Bio Summaries for Year and Year 2 and they are AMAZING!


I found your biology notes and they are absolutely fantastic! I really want to print them out to hang around my room for revision.


I found your biology summary notes for year 1 and 2 after looking on the Medic Portals website and they are amazing! I have been struggling between revision methods of making notes but not having enough time to do questions and vice versa-but your notes have made me realise I need to summarise the topic … Continue reading Huzaima


Your notes for the Alevel biology course is amazing.


I was looking at all your amazing notes and found them extremely helpful


Hey! The A level notes you have produced are really helpful!


Thanks so much for sharing your biology notes, they’re so helpful and it’s so generous of you!