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One of the most common questions I get asked is about where I get my planner from – I use passion planner all the way! I’ve been an avid user of Passion planner for the past 2 years and though I’ve experimented with other planner styles and layouts I’ve not found another that has met my needs as well. I’m currently using the Classic size of the dated academic passion planner and the Daily Passion Planner. You can see some of my planner spreads on instagram to have a look inside or to see how I use my planner.

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Skillshare is an incredible website that has thousands of courses and step-by-step tutorials on any topic you could ever imagine. You can use it to learn how to write, blog, draw, bake, code – whatever takes your fancy really. I’m currently using it to learn how to draw and I’m trying out dabbling in a little bit of digital illustration.

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Flipd is an amazing app that I discovered during my first year of university – it helps you focus and keep away distractions as well as keeping track of your hours as a form of motivation. Flipd Premium gives you access to a range of addition features including using a “focus lock” to block out certain distracting apps, wellness tracks, daily goals and reminders. If you want to try out the basic Flipd app before going premium you can join my Flipd group!

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This website is hosted on and and I do believe it’s the best platform for running a blog. I’ve been flying with WordPress for the past 5 years and don’t plan to ever change which is why I always encourage new bloggers to make a start on here too. You can read more about my views on starting a blog and why I think WordPress is the way forward here.

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