One of the main things which I learnt from today’s Hospice visit is the importance of being able to treat a patient, provide them with the relevant diagnoses, medicines, pieces of advice as well as treating them with a level of respect and genuine care. It’s incredibly important that patients aren’t just isolated and treated like a checklist which must be completed. At the hospice, all of the rooms were decorated for the occasion of Christmas, the patients were given special treats. I thought this was the best approach to dealing with patients as these people in the hospice were able to engage with social events on the calendar which others who are fit and well are able to enjoy. I think this more holistic approach of dealing with healthcare would be a valuable addition across many healthcare institions as it would allow each patient to feel valued and involved, especially those who have been in hospital for a long period of time.

I finished giving out the meals rather quickly today as not many of the patients were eating and quite a few of them had gone home. However, one gentleman was still asleep so I had to wait in order for him to wake up before I could serve him and then return home. This made me realise the extent to which Medicine is a patient led career and the patience and willingness doctors must always display to their patients. I was happy to wait for this patient as it was unfair to disturb his sleep unnecessarily, so I spent this time speaking to other patients and just providing them with some company and wishing them ‘Merry Christmas’.

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