This is something that I’ve learnt throughout my volunteering at the hospice. Medicine is career which requires for you to work with many very unwell people, some of which may have debilitating illnesses. As a doctor you must act as the patient’s advisor, but also play a caring role within their treatment. I’ve learnt to recognise the importance of demonstrating a genuine compassion for the patient’s wellbeing and especially in environments like the hospice, showing patience and resilience. Even with my simple role of giving out the meals, I have been able to demonstrate this quality in the way I have waited for each patient to finish eating at their own pace and then coming to clear their food away. Even if a patient is taking a while to finish their food, you shouldn’t constantly keep going and asking whether they’ve finished as this will make them feel uncomfortable. During today’s shift 3 patients passed away and there were many very distressed family members at the hospice. This made me reflect on the importance of taking care for anybody who may be affected by an illness as well as the person suffering from it. It’s very important to show understanding to the emotional impacts of a person dying on their family members as well as demonstrating a sense of resilience in the matter.

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