Venue: The Rainbow Centre BGH

I have never written a reflection for the appointments I go to with my brother, so I thought may be I should start now considering that they are very useful in providing an insight into life as working for the NHS. My brother has Down’s Syndrome so he has lots of different appointments for various reasons. It’s interesting though that out of the appointments he has, only a few are with a doctor and the majority are with other healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, dietricians and a Play Therapist who he sees once a week. This just shows the importance of other members of the team on providing effective care, especially with the complex needs of children with disabilities.

In today’s appointment, the Physiotherapist was attempting to get him to stand up and distribute his weight across both of his feet. I saw her approach was many focussed around giving attention to the child and working with them whilst still feeding back and giving some information back to the parent so they could understand what was she was doing. It is very important to keep the parent involved and keep them informed of what could be further done.

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