My first day at the children’s ward! I was given a tour around the area as part of my induction. I think I’m really going to love being in this ward as there are so many different jobs I could engage myself in and I definitely like to be really hands on, keeping myself busy. My role includes: tidying toys, cleaning toys, holding group sessions with the children; playing with the children and ultimately making sure that they’re happy by getting them what they want.

I spent most of my time today with the play therapists. It was really great to be able to see the role they play within the team. I was able to observe how the children respond to them as opposed to other doctors and nurses. It was clear that the children felt much more comfortable around the play therapists (who they referred to as ‘the pink ladies’), perhaps because of the time they would have spent engaging in play with them. This made me think about what a child could confide to the therapists as opposed to someone like a doctor who perhaps may not have the time to build such a relationship with them.