Hello to anyone out there!

So here it is, my first YouTube video! Watch & enjoy!

(Pssst…you can skip to 16:08 if you want to see everything baked without having to watch the process)

And now for the story behind this video, for anyone interested…

I’ve always enjoyed baking, but before his I hadn’t really given myself the opportunity to try baking different things, so I thought of this challenge for myself…

To bake a a dessert every single day for a whole month. Since Ramadan was coming up at the time that this idea popped into my head it seemed like the perfect time to do such a challenge, I could make my dessert during the day and hopefully eveybody would be able to enjoy it after we broke our fast. So here it is, 30 days of baking something different and 30 days of filming myself baking.

For this video, considering it was only my first one I thought it would be easier for me to use my phone rather than my camera and in hindsight I’m glad I did that because it was actually rather difficult holding my phone and videoing with one hand whilst doing something else with my other hand for the video…imagine having to do that with a heavy camera weighing a couples of kgs!

The whole experience of creating the video was something which I really enjoyed, even though I have to be honest and admit that by the time the month was nearing the end I just could not wait for it to be over so I wouldn’t have to keep spending my evenings busy in the kitchen! 😋 It was quite tiring and stressful at times when I left the preparation too late so my mum or dad had come into the kitchen to start cooking other food and I couldn’t  access the cooker or oven as I needed them.

Luckily, I only had a very small number of ‘disasters’:

  1. The first was with the banana fritters – the toffee sauce which I was supposed to make in the pan just wasn’t cooperating, so me being me, turned the heat up and wow…within about five seconds it was ready so I turned the heat off again and went to go and tend to the bananas. I left the toffee sauce in the pan for so long that it got stuck to it, so what do I do next? I put it back on the heat and straight away it burnt and the whole kitchen filled with smoke. So when you look at the banana fritters, bear in mind that the sauce on it isn’t actually chocolate like it appears, it’s actually burnt toffee sauce! 😬
  2. The next was with the lemon meringue – this was actually much more difficult to make than I thought it would, especially because the pastry wasn’t being very easy to handle on this particular day. So talking about pastry, that was the main cause of the disaster really. I put it in the oven, pulled it out when it had finished baking and then without thinking tipped the case upside down to real ease the lovely pastry case I had just baked. It all came out perfectly, all beautifully intact…NOT! Of course not! It crumbled to pieces right before my very eyes…whoopsie! But thankfully I managed to rebake it and I definitely did not make the same mistake of attempting remove something from its tray before it had cooled again.
  3. The third and final one was in accordance with the apple pie – to be honest I followed the recipe word for word, so I still do not quite know why this happened, but it did so I suppose I must list it here…the pastry turned out perfect and everything else went really well, but the apples did not bake! Nope, you heard that…they remained raw! What a shame that was.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and hopefully you enjoyed my video! If you did please don’t forget to like, share and of course subscribe!

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