Venue: Queen Mary University

Today was the first day of the Summer School and the day in which everybody arrived from different parts of the country. We were given our rooms and sat in an introductory lecture laying down the ‘dos and don’ts’ if the programme. I managed to also get to know a couple of people as we were introduced to our groups and had to take part in a few ice breakers. I was definitely amazed at the wide variety of different people, from all over the country whom were invited to take part in this scheme. We were given the early time which we would have to be awake for tomorrow and then allowed to return to our rooms. We also had our retract projects introduced to us which we would be expected to work on in our teams and later present to the rest of the group. Our question was: Are e-cigarettes harmful for the lungs? 

I feel as though I’m going to throughly enjoy this residential programme and hopefully learn an invaluable amount. 

Posted by:Life of a Medic

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