Venue: Queen Mary University

Today was the last day of the Medicine residential so it involved polishing off our research and presentations ready to actually deliver them. Our group research concluded that E-cigarettes where not necessarily without harm as may have been assumed and should not definitely be used lightly. Our main concern was the fact that they were becoming incredibly popular within the youth who were just using them for recreational purposes. The final outcome of our project that was in agreement with all of our group members was that if e-cigarettes were made to go through the rigorous trials that other drugs on the market are made to go through, they could be used to help tobacco smokers give up smoking as tobacco cigarettes were definitely proven to be even more harmful. A statistic which we all found rather surprising and ironic which would oppose this suggestion was the fact that 27% of current smokers when asked refused to use e-cigarettes as they thought of them as unsafe!

We delivered our presentations to the rest of the students on the Medicine Residential and listened to the other groups’ projects which were on very different topics such as the effect of caffeine on memory, energy drinks. We also had two honoured guests which were invited to the celebratory event one of which was the President of the Royal Society of Medicine who gave a very inspiring speech about his career. 

To end the residential, we had the evening free in London to enjoy the sights as well as a ride on the London Eye. I have to express that the whole residential was an absolutely amazing experience and I throughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Meeting lots of new people, interacting with them, being given the opportunity to cooperate with different health professionals, medical students as well as having the chance to partake and present a small research project. The skills I have gained and been able to develop further form this are amongst many.

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