Venue: GP Surgery 2

Today was my first day at this GP practice. I observed a patient being given a joint injection and how the doctor explained the risks that the particular treatment could have on him. I also noticed how he explained that the treatment wouldn’t necessarily be successful as only some people respond positively to it. I recognised how vital it was to be honest with the patient and ensure they understand and accept the treatment they are being given.

I also saw a concerned parent bring a baby whom the parent believed was allergic to lactose. The baby wasn’t feeding well and the parent said that every time they were fed he would cry like he was in extreme pain. The doctor explained that he doesn’t think this is due to lactose intolerance, but instead due to some of the milk travelling down the trachea. He explained to me that this child had feeding problems when he was born and the medication to help him with his swallowing had just been stopped. He explained how the parents could refuse to accept this as they wanted to believe that their child could cope without the medicine. Even though the doctor thought it wasn’t due to lactose intolerance, the doctor still prescribed the baby with a few days worth of lactose free milk. This was to show the parents that it isn’t the milk with the problem as it’s important to make sure the parents had faith and confidence in the doctor. It also reassured them of any worries they might have had.

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