I’ve been wanting to try creating a kinetic typography video for ages now, because nobody can deny how cool they look…and they are very aesthetically pleasing. So I finally decided to give it a go!
I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for a while now, but all my research only led me to find one programme which apparently takes light years to create the movement of a single word. On top of that, you can only download it on a desktop computer, which isn’t really very convenient for me considering the level of slowww that my computer is at now as well as the fact that I definitely prefer using my iPad to edit. So far I’ve edited all my videos and photos using a mobile device, so I wanted to be able to continue doing that.

You could kind of say I cheated a little on this video because I used a template, but even then it took a very long time to make sure each word was in sync with the sound. I had to make sure the speed mimicked the tune and it did take an awfully long time to perfect that. I think I’ll build it up slowly…creating this video slowly and I might eventually give Adobe After Effects a go despite the tediousness of he process that others seem to describe.

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