I’ve been wanting to try creating a kinetic typography video for ages now, because nobody can deny how cool they look…and they are very aesthetically pleasing. So I finally decided to give it a go!

I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for a while now, but all my research only led me to find one programme which apparently takes light years to create the movement of a single word. On top of that, you can only download it on a desktop computer, which isn’t really very convenient for me considering the level of slowww that my computer is at now as well as the fact that I definitely prefer using my iPad to edit. So far I’ve edited all my videos and photos using a mobile device, so I wanted to be able to continue doing that.

You could kind of say I cheated a little on this video because I used a template, but even then it took a very long time to make sure each word was in sync with the sound. I had to make sure the speed mimicked the tune and it did take an awfully long time to perfect that. I think I’ll build it up slowly…creating this video slowly and I might eventually give Adobe After Effects a go despite the tediousness of he process that others seem to describe.

Anyway, please like,subscribe, share and of course as always, I’d  always appreciate any comments, points for improvement and suggestions!

Posted by:Life of a Medic

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