By Abbie Mitchell

What are my experiences of mental health? You ask.
That differs each day and depends on which face I mask.

Some days I wonder whether I even struggle,
My mind is content and happy like a mental cuddle!

I’ll feel warm, independent and ready to go,
Like a summer breeze inside me, I radiate, I glow.

Other days are darker, deeper and harder to navigate.
My love filled heart empties and it’s difficult to resuscitate.

Depression and low mood becomes the air that I breathe,
Anxiety fills my throat, enough to make me heave.

It’s not an easy task, living life not knowing what each day may bring,
I’ve got to remember the good memories though, the ones that make me sing.

I make self care a priority so when I’m met with dread, a horrible feeling,
I’ll take my head and heart for some rest and internal healing.

My mental health is a key part of me.
Living with mental illness makes me pay a hefty fee.

I do my best though to be open and help others suffering too,
We must make life a better place doing the little things, for me and for you xxx


p style=”text-align:left;”>Abbie Mitchell is young woman living with mental health problems including: Anxiety, Bulimia, Depression and general eating problems. In her personal time she is an activist and speaker raising awareness of: bereavement, grief, mental health, mental illness, stigma and suicide. She’s particularly interested in work that supports young people with mental health challenges.

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