Life’s too short…our existence is so small. The average human lives for around 79 years. 79 years in comparison to the 14 billion years of the universe’s existence. We are just 0.00000005642 (1 out of 177 million) of everything in existence. Less than that actually, because we’re sharing this time with 7.5 billion other people who are also alive, so actually 0.0000000000000000075227 (1 out 133 quadrillion). Don’t you sometimes feel life is just one big mad rush…with a bit of a grab-what-you-can QUICK approach. It’s like we’re all on a really really fast train, one that’s so fast that if you don’t keep up, the force of the train’s movement will thrust you right to the end of this train where there’s a small hatch, and those that arrive there are slowly discarded and left behind on the side of the track as the train continues on its brutal journey. Scientifically this would be called survival of the fittest, but I’m not talking about genetics. I’m talking about the way life is set up, the way society is structured to function.

We have time limits, a set chance to grab what you can. For example you have five years of high school to quickly get all your GCSEs, then two years to complete your A levels and in that time you must grasp every A grade you can before you’re shoved on to the next stage. It’s quite scary because at the end of the day, life as a whole is just one huge countdown. We’re all struggling and stumbling to leave our mark, to achieve something during our existence. But is that really possible? We’re like little children gazing out of the window, fogging up the glass with our breath whilst we’re stood there, but as soon as we go away the mist we created fades and any evidence that we were even stood at the window  completely vanishes.

In reality, we are all so insignificant. We’re just a bit of fog in someone’s memories, thoughts or day…nothing more really. We’re just a smudge in the fabric of existence, lasting  a very very short period of time. There’s so many that have come before us and so many that will come after us that don’t even enter our thoughts. Time passes too quickly and life does too, because life is a mad rush. A rush to squeeze everything in whilst we are aboard this time travelling train. Life is a blur.

Of course we’re insignificant and small compared to the vastness of the universe, but remember every single action of yours has a much greater reaction; and that fog on the window could actually be the stepping stone to a changing world. But don’t forget that life doesn’t last forever, grasp every chance you have, every opportunity that you can. Don’t leave unfulfilled dreams for later, because you never know, two blinks later everything could be all over. Cease the moment, and embrace the world! Work hard, have fun and enjoy life while you can!

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10 replies on “A BLUR IN EXISTENCE

  1. This was really nice to read, I agree in the grand scheme we are insignificant. To me this life is temporary and the real focus should be heaven, but like you said at the end we must acknowledge that our actions are part of the greater picture so even though our time is very short, it is still very important!

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