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  1. You have really nice hand writing and indeed, writing by hand conveys feelings in the words. I enjoy this!

    My only regret is that years ago I stopped hand writing journals and letters, not only did it diminish my ability to read large books but also my penmanship has gotten worse :-/

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  2. That’s really interesting to hear about- I came across you on TSR and thought I’d check your posts out. There is a lot of discussion about the link between handwriting and personality, isn’t there? And as you’ve spoken about you clearly feel personal connection with that. Thanks for sharing, and lovely design on your site- I need to learn from you!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to come and have a look at my blog!
      Yes there is, meaning a lot of interesting questions can be brought up, such as “does our handwriting changing as we grow older act as a physical representation of our personality changing?” There’s one for you to ponder on… πŸ˜‹
      I’ve given you a follow on your blog btw…good luck with blogging. You have a very unique style of writing and I can’t wait to read more of your posts!


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