I wake up. I have half an hour to quickly get ready and head out for today’s 9am start.


The first lecture starts dot on at 9am. I’ve got three hours of back-to-back lectures again today. The first two are on pharmacology. The first one is really useful in answering some of my PBL learning agenda questions about the treatment of eczema.

The second lecture is all about the effectiveness of medication and I can slowly see parts of A-level chemistry seeping into the course with Ka and pKa.

The third lecture is on what we call BSS. This stands for Behavioural and Social Sciences and is basically the psychosocial aspect of medicine. This week, we had two carers come in and talk about their experiences, which was so interesting!




I head to Stopford library and plan to go and get some more of my PBL done there. I quite like working in the library; away from all the distractions, you do tend to get a lot more done!


I get half of my learning agenda done. The easier half, but I’m still pleased; this case seems to be taking a lot less time than usual. I pack my things away and head out for a meeting with my tutor.


Meeting all done! We have two of these every semester in which we discuss how we’re finding PBL and any potential problems we might be having. We all also did our mid-semester test a couple of weeks ago, so we discussed the result from that too!


There’s a careers fair on at Whitworth Hall organised by the Manchester Medical Careers Society. I decide to brave the rain and go and check it out!


I leave the careers the fair with some goodies from the stalls and start making my way to another charity event I booked a ticket for…a murder mystery night!


Upon arrival, I am given my character and information to read through for Act One. Here it is…

I haven’t done any sort of acting in such a long time so it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out!


The event has finished and it was a huge laugh. Lots of fun and we managed to solve the murder in the end.

In Act Two, the lights went out and we were all given a little candlelight to search for clues in the dark. This was like nothing I’ve ever done before and I had a really nice time!


Spent the rest of the evening working with someone from my PBL group on our case until pretty late. But it was worth it in the end because we managed to both finish the whole case in just one day for the first time!


Bedtime…finally! I’ll definitely sleep soundly tonight!

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