Earlier this year I shared my A-level Biology notes which many students have put to good use. Many of you requested my Chemistry equivalent which I didn’t have time to upload earlier as I was busy with my own exams.

I also achieved an A* in A-level Chemistry and once again, the notes contain all the content that I memorised.

I have a Year 1 set, Year 2 set, Practical Techniques set as well as some flashcards!

Click here to access the Chemistry notes! 

A-level Chemistry is not the easiest, so I hope these notes help!

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      1. Yes the workload increases with more anatomy and generally harder material. But if you’re efficient and use the right resources and go through the lectures properly you’ll be fine. Just keep at it and it probably will make a lot more sense during the second half when the cases go over stuff from the first few weeks.

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