Yes, I know this post is horrendously late, but better late than never right? I actually started writing this post midway through the year, but it’s been sitting in my “drafts” folder waiting for some more attention for a long time. I suppose I was enjoying my Summer too much, so now you’re all going to be getting my posts reflecting on my first year of medical school as I’m starting my second year!

So just for a bit of fun and all in good nature, here are some phrases I haven’t stopped hearing over this past year…

“You’re just babies.”

The number of times I’ve heard this phrase on my GP placements by doctors, patients, nurses, healthcare assistants, receptionists upon hearing that we’re just first-year medical students. But it’s all good…babies are lovable and cute, right?

“The more Anatomy you do the easier it will get.”

This was more something I heard over and over again at the beginning of the year. We were told it before we started any Anatomy, we were told it every time we complained about Anatomy and every time we mentioned we struggled with it. But in all honesty, I can confirm the truth in it now. Right at the beginning, all the new terms are just terrifying…but it does get easier.

“Only one page of notes.”

Again and again in our PBL sessions – the consistent reminder that we should them summarised our learning for the week on to a single sheet of paper, rather than printing off a whole booklet.

“The more you learn, the better doctor you will become.”

I’ve heard this in reference to many things, but particularly with Anatomy for some reason. This is the one that’s used when you ask about which areas you should make sure you learn, and you’re often simply told straight, the more you know the better. Helpful, right?

“Can you hear me at the back?”

Please tell me why every other lecturer chooses to begin their lecture with this question? I mean, I’m sure there are far more exciting and innovative ways to begin a lecture. And then there’s the irony of when people at the back reply no

“I haven’t even started PBL yet.”

The sheer coincidence that about 99% of the times I’ve asked someone whether they’ve done PBL, their response has been the above. Okay, I understand procrastination, I too am a sufferer of it sometimes, but to this day I can’t fathom putting myself through an all-nighter to finish PBL.

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