End-of-year posts have become quite a tradition on this blog, so here’s this year’s! This year has been e-v-e-n-t-f-u-l, so many things have happened. I’ve had so SO many new experiences, so much that I don’t think I could list them. So instead of going with “highlights” or “first’s” for the year, I thought I’d do something a little different and share with you all the outcome of a personal project of mine this year: re-decorating my room! Everything is looking just the way I wanted now and so many of you have asked following my snippets of the process on Instagram so I though uh ok, why not?

If you’re not following me on Instagram this whole room decorating thing will be news to you, so I’ll fill you in, real quick. This year I moved back home from my university accommodation and I’ve been wanting to re-design my whole room for quite some time so I thought the Summer would be the perfect time to start. I wanted the room to have a more classy look to it and to brighten it up, so the walls had to be white. I had pre-decided black and white were going to be the general theme, with accents of gold/rose gold to brighten it up. I didn’t want to commit to a colour so I could experiment with my decor and make it quite colourful by then adding in some greys, neutrals and shades of dusky pink.

So that was the vision.

I then went ahead and re-painted the walls (it took 3 coats of white to cover up the pastel blue I had before, phew). I got new furniture as I wanted to bring a workspace into my room, which I then assembled myself. Furniture was rearranged and then came the best (and also the longest) part: decorating. I spent hours browsing and then slowly purchased tonnes of new decor, put up new shelves and now I finally feel everything is looking just the way I want!

So to keep with the number element of end-of-year posts, I’ll show you all 9 different areas of the room. There’re parts of the room I haven’t managed to capture (because just 9 is quite limiting), but perhaps I’ll save those for a proper video tour one day (the one I keep telling myself I’ll do, but keep putting off). Enjoy!

Skincare shelves

Of course I’m starting with my fave part. I’m rather in to skincare and I have tonnes of different products that used to always end up in a complete mess on top of my dresser, so one of the key things I wanted to do was find a way to organise them. I also wanted them off the top of the dresser, because empty surfaces look so much more refreshing to me. So, I did them like this, colour coding the different products because aesthetics are key, right?

Cotton pad dispenser : Amazon (linked – click here)

Vanity mirror: New Look

Two-tone mirror: Candlelight – ASOS

Cube floating shelves: Amazon (linked – click here)

Anatomy art

One of the things that matters to me is that my room represents me, I want someone to be able to step inside and kind of get a feel of what it’s like to be inside my head. Medicine is obviously key, so this portion of the wall I dedicated to some Anatomy prints.

Anatomy prints – Codex Anatomicus (linked)

Desk space

This is a biggie. I previously had a “study room” to work in, but I now wanted to move “studying” into my bedroom so I needed a new desk and everything else with it. The desk took a huge amount of time to pick and so did every accessory with it. It was also the reason why I needed to re-arrange some furniture and change my room layout. I like my desktop to be clear so there’s space for you to spread yourself out when working on something. The desk is the first thing you see when you walk into my room, so you can see how the gold and white theme is quite prominent here.

Glass water bottle – Equa (linked)

Glass hexagonal pen holder: Amazon (linked – click here)

Swivel office chair: MADE (linked)

Gloss desk: Ryman (linked – click here)

De-clutter table

Following on from my clear desk, clear mind mantra, I wanted a bit of a “spill over area” mainly for things I’m using but not immediately. I wanted it to be a bit of a step down from the desk so I could literally have a this-is-for-later pile. My spotlight is great for lighting, as well as acting as a lamp. I also got a basket too for random things like uniform and other bits like that. I think having places to help you organise the things that don’t typically have a place helps to keep things clear in a room.

Floor lamp and spotlight: Ikea – Amazon (linked – click here)

Floral macbook case: Amazon (linked – click here)

Marble iPad case: Amazon (linked – click here)

Clear phone case: Amazon (linked – click here)

Rope basket: Debenhams

Floating shelves

Going above the desk, I’ve kept it quite minimal with some shelves and ornaments. The shelves themselves are quite simple, but I spent some time detailing the items on each one. I love how the shape of these complements my skincare ones on the opposite wall. The black, white and metallic theme, again running strong.

Pineapple reed diffuser: The Range

Metallic paint pots: Next home

Black floating shelves set: Amazon (linked – click here)

Pineapple candle: Primark

Cactus ring holder: Next home


I have this section between the top of my wardrobe and my ceiling that was just calling to be a bookshelf. This is kind of still a work in progress as I hope to one day have the entire length of it stacked with books, but I’m not going to just sit here and order another 50 for the sake of vanity. I’m very particular about only wanting to own books that I really enjoy (and somehow all the ones I have have ended up being hardback copies, so that might be a running theme.) I’ll link the titles on my shelf below. I want them so stacked up that they are hovering off the edge, so I got myself some invisible bookends to help with that.

The Long Call – Ann Cleaves
The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini
The Blue Between the Sky and Water – Susan Abulhawa
The Baghdad Clock – Shahad Al Rawi
This is Going to Hurt – Adam Kay
Modestly – Dina Torkia
The Beekeeper of Aleppo – Christy Lefteri
And The Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini
Twas The Nightshift before Christmas – Adam Kay
Eat Beautiful – Wendy Rowe
The School of Life Dictionary

Cushion collection

Obviously a bedroom has bed and mine is scattered with cushions. Again, with the not wanting to commit and be restrained by colour I have a variety. Most of these I’ve had for a long time because I tend to pick up pretty/unique cushions whenever I come across them. The cushions are more for scatter purposes across the bed, rather than to have a neatly arranged order. Bedding had to obviously be white and I wanted it to have that cosy feel to it. And as you can see, I decided my bed knobs were too standard so I jazzed them up (I actually did this years ago though).

Pink cushion: Debenhams
Purple cushion: Matalan
Lantern: Candlelight – ASOS
Duvet Cover: Amazon (linked – click here)

Bedside corner

This sits on the snug corner just above my bed, so often houses my charging phone overnight. This shelf was actually wood-coloured so needed re-painting. It sits next to the window so looking at those tiny details, I had to of course make sure the tissue box matches with the curtains. I made my own simple curtain tie-backs, because for some reason the simple things you want don’t exist.

Candles: Primark

Roses lamp: The Range

Curtains: eBay

Plant pot: Sass & Belle – ASOS

Plant mister: Sass & Belle – ASOS

Wall organiser

I have 2 doors in my room and a tiny segment of wall between them. I contemplated leaving it blank for a while (and I did leave it), but it did feel somewhat empty. And then I happened to come across the perfect addition that now I don’t know how I managed without. I can confirm, I no longer lose my hairbrush on a daily basis anymore.

Wall Organiser: Typo – ASOS (linked – click here)

There it is…my room!

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