As many of you probably know, it’s been over 5 years since I first launched this blog, which to me seems crazy, it doesn’t feel like it has been so long! I often get questions about blogging, how to start, how to get specific features etc and now that we’re in lockdown I thought it’d be the perfect time to create a bit of “blogging” series. I thought it’d be particularly helpful for those of you who’ve been wanting to make the leap and join the blogging world as with all this free time now’s the right time to get started.

This first post is merely an introductory so I’m going to briefly outline the series and give you an idea of what to expect. I’m hoping for this blog series to be a continuous series that’ll I’ll keep adding to it as new questions pop up or helpful pieces of advice come to mind.

I’m going to write the series from the perspective of somebody who hasn’t yet opened up a website so it will start off with advising you regarding choosing a platform (WordPress is the way, as I always say!) and setting yourself up. I’ll then move on to talk about planning posts, scheduling ideas, creating content etc. Within that I’ll cover methods to increase your traffic, ways you can make the most of WordPress.

Throughout my blogging journey I’ve learnt a few things that work, things that have helped me grow, things I wish I was doing from the beginning so I’ll be sharing those as we go along too. So far I have 10 blog posts planned, so sit tight because we’re all in here for the long ride!

One thing I want from this series is for to be as beneficial to everyone reading as possible so I want to take your suggestions and focus the posts around what you all feel like you need to know more.

I’m so excited to get stuck in with this series and can’t wait to start a fruitful discussion about blogging and website-building with all of you. I’m also looking to feature some of your blogs on here to share a little bit of the love, so do keep a look out for that. Finally, do make sure you subscribe to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox and make sure you’re not missing out on any of these posts!

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8 replies on “Blogging For Beginners: Welcome to the Series

  1. Excited for the blog series! I’d like to know how you thought of med blogs or topics to blog, how often you posted blogs, and what specific time of the day! Thank you and I’m looking forward for the next one ❤️

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