Applying for Medicine is a long journey of entrance exams, writing personal statements, interviews and so much more. But an even greater part of the journey is deciding where you’re going to apply to begin with! With 33 medical schools to choose from you can often feel a bit spoilt for choice and not know what factors you should use to help you decide…

Here’s a helpful post to read: 10 factors you might want to consider when choosing a medical school!

When I was applying for medical school I went to so many open days, I even went to some universities multiple times and that really helped me to decide where to apply! Open days are so helpful not just in terms of insight, but also giving you tips for what that medical school wants so it’s a shame that this years applicants will miss that opportunity. It’s for that reason I decided to get in touch with medical students from all over the UK to organise a “Virtual Medicine Open Day”. We call it an open day, but this is in fact going to be more of an open summer; running over the next few months!

How it's going to run.

Each week we will choose a medical school and week-by-week we will through all of the medical schools in the UK! The whole thing will take place here, on my blog! At the beginning of the week a current medical student will give you an overview of teaching methods, student life, pros and cons of studying at their medical school. They will also share 3 top tips for those of you who’re wanting to apply there to help provide the full open day experience of both insight + advice.

After that you’ll have the rest of the day to submit any other questions you have, anything you would have wanted to ask a medical student at an open day! All these questions will then be answered for you by current students and published here!

Questions will be taken via my Instagram stories, so make sure you’re following me to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to ask anything you want to know!

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Virtual Open Day Schedule
UK Medical Schools

Below are the list of medical schools that will be covered. These are all of the public UK medical schools that have existing students who’ll be sharing more about the reality of studying at their medical schools.

As we go through the weeks, I’ll highlight and link the medical schools that have been covered so you can bookmark this page to easily access all of the medical schools!

I’d also very much appreciate it if anyone shares this with any prospective applicants or anyone who they think might be interested – hopefully this can reach any many of the students who it’ll be able to help!

Next Week's Medical School is...


  hours  minutes  seconds


We learn more about Oxford, Queen’s Belfast, Plymouth, UCLan

Let me know which medical schools you’re interested in seeing first!

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45 replies on “Welcome To The Virtual Medicine Open Day!

  1. could you please do st.andrews, oxford, glasgow, cambridge, edinburgh and dundee soon please as these are the universities i’m thinking of applying to and i would like to know some more info! i love this series btw 💞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for this. it is very useful and all prospective students really appreciate this!


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