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These questions have been answered by Dean Hardy, a 4th year medical student at The University of Central Lancashire. 

How many placements do you have in first year and how long are they?

  • The teaching is second to none.
  • In the pre clinical years you have small group classes for anatomy, clinical skills, communications skills, and every other class bar lectures. 
  • The teaching is highly interactive and all lectures are recorded for use later on at home.
  • There are a range of teachers that all specialise in the field being taught: from junior doctors to GPS and Consultants, as well as professors in the field of science (pre clinical).
  • In the clinical years we are taught but a range of nurses, doctors and clinical professionals highly trained in specialised areas. Again the teaching is small group based for highly interactive 1 to 1 learning.
  • The teaching you do throughout the 5 years include large lectures, clinical skills, communication skills, portfolio, prescribing, anatomy, professionalism, case based learning and external added lectures for extra enhanced learning.

Do you know if they accept CBSE (indian)?

  • I know they accept a range of different qualifications from overseas. Your best bet is to have a look at the requirements specific to your country on this link.
  • You can also contact admissions on

What’s the ratio of home to international students?

  • Each year differs, but there are 15 UK places including 4 scholarships, and a large number of international places.
  • The medical school have bid for more UK places, and now we are accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC), it is only a matter of time till they get more.

Are there any home graduate students?

  • Yes! I myself did a degree in Biomedical Science at Manchester and I am from Burnley.
  • In fact, I would say a good 50% of the UK students are graduate entry, coming from nursing, science degrees and even non-science degrees.

What are the placements in first year like?

  • In 1st year you spend 2 weeks in February and 2 week after exams in may on placement. 
  • One of the 2 weeks is in community, here you spend each day with a different specialised team, including vascular teams, treatment room, district nurses, school nurses, pharmacy and much more. This 2 weeks is about opening up your eyes to the services available as a doctor.
  • The other 2 weeks are spent in a Gp practice. Here you get the chance to sit in on consultations and even perform clinical skills and histories if you feel confident enough. You will see how a Gp runs and spend time with all of the staff, not just the GPS, it’s an excellent placement.

Is there a good a student support System?

  • There is an excellent student support system, and Uclan was rated 97% satisfactory by the students on support.
  • You are given an academic and personal advisor, there’s 24/7 security, library support for essays, finances, personal problems and much more.
  • You really are well looks after 🙂

How far can placements be?

  • Some placements in 1st and 2nd year require a good 1-2 hours travelling on public transport. Not many are far away, but that’s the worst you can expect to travel. If by car, it will take less than an hour from Preston!
  • We’re quiet lucky, most placements arnt that far, and traffic is not bad up north, so you get around quiet quickly.

Do the small group classes run using a PBL format?

  • We used CBL (case based learning)
  • We unfold cases of patients from presentations, to differentials, investigations, management and follow up.
  • It has proven in studies to be much more effective, and I have certainly enjoy it.
  • The CBL questions you on what you would do next and why. It makes you think as a doctor, and it will certainly help you unfold questions in exams

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