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These questions have been answered by a 1st year medical student at Aston.

How far is the Aston uni campus from Birmingham? Do students from the 2 unis ever network?

Around 4 miles, half hour by train.

Student from the 2 universities meet will interact in community practices and hospitals. There is a lot of interaction through various societies and collab events throughout the year. Also some of the tutors/lecturers teach at both universities.

How many students per year group? Do you know everyone in your cohort?

Around 130 per year now. The first cohort was smaller as an exception. You will have enough opportunities to get to know the year through all the different practical and group work sessions.

What are the exams like?

Computer exams (Applied Knowledge Tests), in first year consisting mainly of MCQs (delivered through the medical schools council assessment alliance) and short written answers (delivered through the Blackboard programme)

Do you have any written exams e.g. essays?

Not in first year, although there were a few presentations we had to do.

What’s the student support like? Do you have any buddy systems in place?

Lecturers and tutors can be approached in person/email outside of lessons, there is support available from the library for help with maths, academic writing, cv and job application help.

There are tutor groups which consist of one tutor/lecturer and a few students from each year group to form a ‘family’. You get to meet students from other years through these a few times each year.

How are clinical years structured?

1st year – 2 weeks of GP placements

2nd year – 2 weeks of GP placements

3rd year – 12 weeks GP, 12 weeks hospital medicine, 12 weeks hospital surgery covering the main broad specialties

4th year – covering subspecialties, mental health, and some community experience

5th year – covering further subspecialties, acute medicine, some GP, and preparation for foundation training

More detailed information here.

Does Aston run a widening participation scheme?

Yes, it’s called the Sir Doug Ellis pathway to Healthcare programme. More information here.

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