Conflict is the incompatiblily of two opinions which could escalate resulting in a destructive and negative outcome. Conflict can arguably be present within every relationship between people and human interaction, therefore it’s important to be able to manage it and control it before it reaches an uncontrollable stage. From a healthcare perspective, conflict can arise between professionals and patients due to differing interests, but perhaps more relevant to this reflection, conflict can be present amongst colleagues. In a health setting this could be very damaging to the function of a team as communication and cooperation with these people, or groups of people could be broken down.  Continue reading “CONFLICT RESOLUTION & MEDIATION SKILLS”


Venue: University of Leeds

This taster day consisted of four workshops: Basic Life Support, Measuring Blood Pressure, Ethical Situations and Patient Consultations alongside a lecture at the end. I really enjoyed the sessions, but the most important factor of the day was me being able to see my own personal progress. I have been attending medical related sessions ever since I first started considering it as a career prospect when I was Year 10 and 11. I do find these events very helpful as they do allow a true insight into life as a medical student as well as life as a doctor. When I first attended these events I remember being a little bewildered and overwhelmed by the medical terminology and principles we were expected to be familiar with as prospective medical students. I have to admit, I did feel I little bit of despair and I wondered how I would possibly learn these things that I heard other students talking about before actually being taught. Continue reading “MEDICINE TASTER DAY”


This event was run by Year 3 Medical students from Manchester University.

In the morning we were all placed in groups of ten with people we had never met before. We were then given a mock PBL case on Cystic Fibrosis and expected to go through it with the guidance of a medical student who was playing the role of a tutor in this situation. I took the role of being the chair in the first half of the session and then became the scribe in order for me to experience what it is like to play different roles in a session like this. It was really interesting case (which I have attached at the back) as I had a small background knowledge of Cystic Fibrosis from GCSE and was keen to learn more. Continue reading “MEDICAL WORKSHOP REFLECTIONS 📚”