Primary School Work Experience     After School Science Club Dates: 11/13 – 12/13     Teaching KS2 Science Dates: 20/06/15 – 10/07/15

I helped organise and run a 6-week after school science club at a local Primary school which involved dealing with and dissecting various organs. I dealt with the organs maturely and safely whilst demonstrating them to the pupils. I also delivered a short presentation to them each week regarding basic facts and interesting information about each of the organs including the heart, lungs and liver. I had to speak in an engaging manner in order to capture the attention of the children and also speak at a relevant level so they are able to understand me. It was a satisfying experience trying to explain the complex roles and functions of the organs to the children in basic terms, and I felt it really developed my communication skills. Continue reading “MY FIRST EVER WORK EXPERIENCE! 👭👬”