I’m presuming this question is specifically about Manchester, because I can obviously only speak about what it’s like in Manchester. Prepare for some brutal honesty…

Both first and second year are there in the programme to build an an understanding of the basic Sciences. When you go into 3rd year you don’t have to remember absolutely everything from those 2 years because you re-cover everything from a clinical perspective. From my own experience, I don’t think the little details and memorising specific pathways etc from those 2 years are important to remember. I didn’t review year 1 + 2 content at all before I started 3rd year and if I had I can’t see that it would have helped me at all. You won’t be able to remember every single detail in medicine and when you start the clinical years that’s when you’ll begin learning more of the content that you do actually need to remember.

In terms of moving from 1st to 2nd year, my answer is going to be a little different. Second year content doesn’t build on first year content (you cover completely different systems) so in that sense it’s not important. However, what it important to make sure you still remember is the Anatomy and the Physiology&Pharmacology content from first as in your 2nd year OSCEs you’ll be assessed on content from both of the years. With regards to the PBL cases…you don’t really need to remember every detail of them going from first year to second.

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