At the beginning of medical school I used to attend every single lecture, however, over the course of the first two years I slowly stopped attending the physical lectures and instead relied on the podcasts. If you read my post about how I studied in my pre-clinical medical years, you’ll know that this was because I came to realise that I preferred going through the lectures slowly so I could catch every bit of information.

In terms of how I use lectures, while watching the lectures (whether in-person or with the podcast) I’d add extra bits that the lecturer was speaking to the bottom of the slides. I’d do this quite thoroughly to make sure I had transcribed every little fact. After I had finished doing this, I’d then go back to my original full set of notes and incorporate any bits of information from the lecture (both slides and transcription) into the original notes. I don’t like to keep lecture notes separate because they’re not a separate entity, instead I like to use the information from them and weave it into my existing notes.

After going though this process for every lecture in a case, I never needed to look back at the lecture slides because everything from them was in my notes. That also meant if I then went on to create summaries of the case, lecture content would then automatically be woven into the summary.

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