The cases stay the same each year. Here’s an overview:

Year 1 – Semester 1
This semester is called Life Cycle so basically get an overview of conditions/physiology at different stages of life starting from before birth to old age:
Case 1: Pregnancy
Case 2: Down syndrome
Case 3: Cystic fibrosis
Case 4: Puberty
Case 5: HIV
Case 6: Eczema
Case 7: Breast Cancer
Case 8: Osteoporosis

Year 1 – Semester 2
This semester is on Cardiorespiratory Health:
Case 1: Pneumothorax
Case 2: Asthma
Case 3: COPD
Case 4: Heart Failure
Case 5: ACS
Case 6: Hypertension
Case 7: Anaemia
Case 8: Clotting
Case 9: Shock

Year 2 – Semester 3
This semester is called Mind & Movement so broadly covers Neurology and Mental Health. Most weeks you have 2 topics which are covered in 1 case:
Case 1: Spina bifida + bipolar disorder
Case 2: Pain
Case 3: Vision defects
Case 4: Hearing defects
Case 5: Stroke + anxiety
Case 6: Multiple sclerosis + depression
Case 7: Parkinson’s disease
Case 8: Schizophrenia
Case 9: Sports injuries
Case 10: Epilepsy + Anaesthesia

Year 2 – Semester 4
This semester is based on the digestive system and abdominal organs:
Case 1: Barret’s oesophagus + oesophageal cancer
Case 2: Peptic ulcer
Case 3: Pancreatitis
Case 4: Bowel cancer
Case 5: Hepatitis
Case 6: Diabetes
Case 7: Kidney disease
Case 8: BPH + Prostate cancer
Case 9: Thyroid diseases

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