Yes you can apply directly after completing the Biomedical Science degree. A lot people applying for medicine as a graduate tend to apply in their final year of studying the degree. So in the Summer between your 2nd and 3rd year you’d start working on your application by booking your UCAT/BMAT, starting on your personal statement. The application deadline tends to be 15th of October each year so you’d submit your application during your 3rd year of study. You’d then have interviews later on that year and by late Spring you should have heard back with any offers which you’ll be able to take. That way once you’ve finished your biomedical sciences degree you’ll be able to go straight in to medicine the following academic year.

There are some medical schools that offer transfer schemes going from first year of Biomedical Sciences study straight to Medicine. These schemes tend to be quite competitive, but you can find out more information about how they work and which universities offer them here.

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