The NAI form is read instead of the personal statement. Manchester don’t use the personal statement at all when assessing your application.

When filling out the NAI you should be using the experiences from your PS to help show that you have the specific qualities that the form asks. So for example, if you talked about volunteering in a care home in your personal statement, that would fit very well in the “caring role” section of the NAI form. You shouldn’t however, copy and paste from the personal statement. The whole reason Manchester created this form is because they wanted applicants to provide greater detail about their experiences and they thought the personal statement was too superficial. You should therefore go into more depth about what you learnt and really explain any examples you use completely.

When I filled out my NAI, none of the sentences in it were the same as the ones in my personal statement. It really is important that you don’t copy and paste because then you won’t be able to produce effective answers for each section.

I’ve written more about what to include in each section in my Top Tips for the NAI form blog post.

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