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I’m very proud to share that you recently celebrated 200,000 readers so it’s a pleasure to have you join this amazing community!

This blog was initially created as a means of sharing my own journey and experiences, but has now grown to be a platform of support for many students. Despite being UK-based we’ve managed to reach out to over 150 different countries! If you’re currently doing your A-levels, applying for Medicine or even considering going into Medicine…you’re in the right place!

Use the headings at the top (or on the right – depending on what type of device you’re viewing this from) to navigate this site. You can read about my experiences of medical school, get tips for your application, general study tips and so much more! Don’t forget to check out my new stationery line whilst you’re here! There is something here for everyone!

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Check out my AskAMedStudent series, where you are all given the opportunity to submit any questions you have, and guess what…you can also access any of my A-level and Medicine notes right here!


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2 replies on “An insight into life as a medical student + advice for aspiring medics…

    1. Love your post…I’m sure it’ll help a lot of aspiring medics! Thank you for sharing my planner and reviewing service, students who have used it so far have had really great things to say about it! 😊


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