Photography is so broad, there’s so many different techniques and styles that you can experiment with, so I decided to partake in a small candy minimal collaboration. I’ve never really tried candy photographs, nor minimal photography before so this was really interesting. The grid above looks so bright and and colourful, and some where in there is my photograph…see if you can spot it!
Most of my shots tend to be more ‘macro’, so this style is completely complementary to my usual. Minimal photography, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, is very subtle with perhaps only one subject in it. The background is also very simple and plain. There’s no fancy blurring or bokeh involved in the photograph as that will distract from the subject of focus. It can be quite an effective style, simple but powerful, as they say.

Candy however, is rather an editing technique, using very bright pastel hues, like all the photographs above. Personally, I think it creates quite an uplifting and joyous mood looking at candy photographs. There’s actually a really good collection of candy minimal filters on the app ‘Pixlr’ if you ever feel like having a ago.

Step 1: Take a simple photograph, buildings against the sky or an object against a plain wall tend to work really well.

Step 2: Use a candy minimal filter to create a a bright mood to your photograph and don’t forget to share your results!

Instagram contributors for the grid collaboration:

@prahaboy @rarabro @t_volpe @idrusan @chiefsuperdelay @ine_s_ @lidiyafatiny @sofiboutu @ozgecenberci @minimalcandyland @luze @luiarg @colorado_sunshine @elisagram @bo.o0o @marcuscederberg @maritulipani @lullabycafe @hidajoe @emstar1977 @hol_fox @dpdk_digital @natadial @anoukvandesande @evmsk @ilysfeir @huxsterized @riddz93 @timsmia @im.goingslightlymad @candy_pinkdom @jahke @megipixel @unique_t_monique @bahm @annmeredithmd @reklooz @subtlebro @ds9hse @to.eyes @jajamilla @joelixjoelix @fidesss @zefelipe @skies.above @gnss.lnrs @gnss.lnrs @rgriv @minimalthen @ttwoodard @rosebudame @jelloet @johnnysmash @tomwindeknecht @hanaryo_ @peterchanur @jluce3 @peacelovejewlzzz @shamermaid @mollymgrubbs @innocentparadise (me) @tinytreasures @andrewjhays @mattcrump

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