A-level Chemistry Mechanism Summary

Chemistry mechanisms flowchart summary!

Just before my A level exams last year I created a summary with all the chemistry equations and mechanisms that’s needed for the OCR specification. So, I thought, why not share it with you all to help you all revise and learn them very well. If you’re not doing OCR, many of these mechanisms may overlap with your specification, so you may be able to use this or you may want to consider creating your own version of this.

How to use it:

Green = reagents

Purple = conditions

Blue = type of reaction

All you have to do it pick a reaction, try and see if you can list the reagents, conditions and reaction type (where appropriate) and zoom in to see the answers!

I got an A* in A-level Chemistry and spent an incredible amount of time creating detailed yet succinct notes. Want a copy of my notes? Head over here and get them now!