2018 has been a HUGE year for my blog, tipping the golden number of 100,000 views! I also launched my online notes shop this year, later followed up by my stationery line (Pssst…got a huge January sale going on now – Get 20% off with the code JAN20).

Now it’s that time of the year that we all reflect. Since I’ve published more blog posts in this year than ever before, I thought for this year’s “end of year post” I’d dig back and re-share my most popular posts with you all. That way any new readers can “re-benefit” from the posts my previous readers have supposedly found the most useful. So here they are, my 8 most viewed blog posts in order of popularity…

Click the titles to read the posts!

Technically, the year 1 and year 2 are 2 separate posts, but we might as well bundle them together for the sake of this. The feedback I’ve been receiving for my A-level Biology notes have been so positive and I’ve so happy that they’ve been able to help so many of you.

Whenever I’m asked for A-level Chemistry tips, I always emphasise how important I think it is that the mechanisms and equations are learnt thoroughly. I found this little summary really helpful for when I was doing my exams, so I can understand why so many of you might also!

This post, I wrote straight after handing in my EPQ and I think it’s definitely worth reading if you’re in the position of deciding now. When trying to decide whether to do it I searched for something like this many times, but didn’t find anything to tell me whether an EPQ would actually be helpful for a Medicine application – so I put together my own! Still, need to eventually put together the update of this I promised.

Funny thing is, my sister (who is considering applying for Medicine) told me she went to discuss whether she should do an EPQ and her teacher pulled out this blog post and read it to her!

Being right in the middle of interview season now, I’m sure this will help a great number of you and I still stand by the 3 “golden rules” I mentioned here. With MMIs it really is just about viewing it like a conversation rather than a grilling interview. Try not to worry, best of luck to you all!

Here I gave an overview of a week of my timetable, talking through the different sessions in a week and what I generally do during the “free time” in a typical week. This is probably one of my favourite posts on my blog and I think it’ll be a really nice thing to look back at when it comes to later years. I am planning on doing another one of these for second year, so do keep a look out!

Here I shared the strategies and step-by-step techniques to tackle section 1 & section 3 of the BMAT. Like I’ve always said, in my opinion, the BMAT is easier because it’s so much more prepareable.

A lot of the things on my blog reflect things that I thought were missing when I was applying for Medicine and this is just another one of those things – I thought it’d be so helpful if a planner existed to guide you through writing a personal statement – so, I created one! Hearing all the feedback from everyone, was great and I’m glad it served the purpose I was intending. I am going to be adding a couple more pages to it for 2020 entry applicants, so best hold on for that!

This was a lovely collaboration I did with loads of medical students all over the world. I asked them all to tell me why they picked Medicine, but the catch was that it had to be done in only 10 words! It was so interesting hearing everyone’s stories and even more interesting to see how they summarised this doing to the harsh limit of 10 words!

So here we are, that’s the top 8! Hopefully that’s been helpful for some of you, and if not, just interesting will do! Got lots of things planned for this blog for 2019, so make sure you tune in and check out what’s going on! And wishing everybody a…
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