AQA A-level Biology | Year 2 Summary

Here are my 1 page summaries for the year 2 content in A-level Biology! Hope you find them helpful!

The topics are spilt up according to the way my college went through them, so it’s not in the exact same order as they are listed in the specification, but everything is on here (apart from Gene Technology, as we finished it so close to the exam that I didn’t have time to make one for it! 😬) Each topic is summarised on a single side of A4. These notes are specifically for the AQA new spec exam board, but certain topics may be applicable to other boards as well.

Feel free to use them, save them, print them, share them…or simply use them as inspiration to create your own!

Respiration - A level Biology 1-page summary

The above image shows a sample of the notes.

Due to the incredibly high demand for the notes, both the year 1 and year 2 notes are now available here!

Read the reviews here.

The remaining topics covered include:

  • Populations
  • Photosynthesis
  • Energy Flow
  • Nutrient Cycles
  • The Nervous System
  • Receptors
  • Muscles
  • Homeostasis & BGC
  • The Kidneys & Osmoregulation
  • Simple Responses
  • Genetic Crosses
  • Evolution
  • Mutations & Cancer
  • Gene Expression

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.