FREE Medicine Personal Statement Review – 2019 Entry

I will be checking personal statements for medical school applicants for 2019 entry. This service is free of charge, but in order to be eligible for it you must have used my personal statement planner or checked your personal statement against the criteria listed in there. The reason being is that I do not want to be giving generic feedback on common mistakes people make via this service, I would rather give personalised feedback to each person who submits their personal statement. Using the planner will ensure you’ve put in all the key components a Medicine personal statement that are required and also that you have avoided the common pitfalls.

You can get your copy of the personal statement planner from here. (NOTE: to be eligible for a free review, you must have purchased your planner before the 17th of September. Purchases made after this date to not qualify for a free review as the demand has become too high!)

Submit your Personal Statement

Please see the terms below before you submit your personal statement.

  • The personal statement you submit should not be significantly greater than the UCAS character limit – I can help with cutting down a little, but you should use the 30+ tips listed in my planner to try cutting it down by yourself first
  • The email address you submit above will be the one I will send feedback to
  • I will have the feedback sent to you within 5 days of submission
  • I will also be matching your email address to confirm your purchase of the planner, so please use the same one that you used when downloading the planner
  • Please ensure you only submit your personal statement via the above form and do not post it in the comments
  • I can only review personal statements for UK medical schools as I don’t know enough about the application process of other countries to help.
  • I will be doing all of the reviews by myself (my personal statement got me all 4 of my medical school interviews)
  • I will only be able to do one review per person, unless the demand isn’t too high
  • If your submission does not match any of the terms listed here, I will not be responding to your personal statement
  • All personal statements eligible for this service will be receiving comprehensive feedback
  • I reserve the right to close this service at anytime should the demand become too high
  • Please note that I won’t be held responsible for any issues that may arise out of this service.