7:00 am – Woke up, packed my stuff up and managed to quickly have some breakfast before it was time to leave the house. I go home every weekend, and since I don’t have an early start on Monday I usually take the bus back on Monday.


7:45 am – I got on the bus. I put my earphones in and tried to get some sleep during the 2 hr journey because I knew that my week will be busy and filled with lots of early starts so I might as well get some sleep whilst I can.

10:00 am – Arrived at my flat. Unpacked my things, put the couple of pre-prepared meals I brought with me in the fridge and then headed out for my first session of the week.

11:00 am – My communication skills session started. This session was all about discussing and picking up on potential mental health issues in patients. We discussed mental health and observed simulated patients as a big group and then split off into smaller groups to practise taking histories from patients.

1:00 pm – Back to my flat for lunch. Managed to make some time to put together a quick PBL summary, ahead of my afternoon PBL session. Our PBL cases for this year start on Tuesday and close on Monday.

2:30 pm – PBL closing case session. In this session, we closed Case 6 which was all about Multiple Sclerosis and Depression. The chair led us through the questions in our learning agenda and we went through it ensuring we had covered everything and understood everything.

4:00 pm – PBL finishes and now we have a lecture. This was a summary lecture on the cases up to this point. It basically gave an overview of what we should have covered up until now. We used to have these after every case in first year, but now we have them after a good number of cases.


5:00 pm – Lecture over. Headed back to my flat, I finished for the day. Picked up milk, juice and a pack of cookies from the shops on the way back!

6:00 pm – Cup of tea + one of the yummy cookies I bought whilst I make additions to my PBL case based on what I learnt from the session. Also spoke to my mum on the phone (something I do everyday). 


7:00 pm – Dinner!

8:00 pm – I decided to make a start on the next case by starting the Anatomy. I took a look at the online anatomy workbook that is made available to us to see that this week we will be covering the bones and blood supply to the lower limb. I made a start by watching some Aclands videos to give me a good overview.

11:00 pm – Bedtime!

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