7:00 am – Woke up (tired!), but tried to get some Anatomy done. I managed to finish covering the bones and their landmarks, which wasn’t too bad – bones never are, it’s the muscles that are intense, which I can look forward to next week!

8:30 am – Breakfast

9:30 am – Head out early (my first session is at 11) because I want to pop into the Anatomy resource room before it.

10:00 am – Spent about an hour in the resource room. Here we have specimens linked to our current case laid out. Structures are labelled and some specimens have questions associated with them so you check and consolidate your learning. I always take a notebook with me so I can jot down things I didn’t know beforehand.

11:00 am – PBL opening case session. Case 7 was opened, all about Parkinson’s disease. We read through the case, identified cues which the scribe brainstormed on the whiteboard. That was then made into a list of questions which would constitute as our learning agenda for the week!

12:00 pm – Case opened. I returned back to my flat and made myself some lunch.

1:00 pm – Made a start on some of the drug calculation questions we had been given ahead of our PhysPharm session this week. This is the first “Maths” I’ve had to do ever since starting medical school. The questions were a little confusion, required some deep thinking, lots if conversions and a pencil to underline key parts of the question as I read them again and again!

3:00 pm – PhysPharm – we were given some more complicated calculations to try out. I tried to devise a method to work through them as we were told these do pop up in the OSCE. We were also taught the method for drawing up drug dilutions and measuring up the correct amounts, which we then had a go with (making sure to be careful of sharps etc of course!)

5:00 pm – After PhysPharm I went to the University Learning Commons and bought myself a hot chocolate (a weekly ritual, if I may add). Sat there for a bit of time quickly doing my Arabic* homework ahead of the session.

5:30 pm – My Arabic class starts. We always do a little bit of speaking at the start so we all had to speak about an Arab country in front of the class. We then did a bit of reading and grammar stuff. We started a new chapter today, even though we pretty much go through 1 every week!

8:30 pm – Arabic over – it is a long 3-hour session which to be honest does drain me. Picked up something to eat on the way back to my flat because I was STARVING!

9:00 pm – Eat, relax etc.

10:30 pm – Check my emails, go through insta DMs (yes, you all keep me busy!) etc before heading off to bed

*For those of you that don’t know, this year I decided to take up an additional Arabic course with the University Language Centre alongside Medicine. It’s always been a huge passion of mine to learn Arabic so I thought I might as well keep going with it here.

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