8:00 am – Tried to get some Anatomy work in ahead of my session today. I focussed on drawing up a little summary for the blood supply to the leg.

11:00 am – Had a Histology session which was on bone and cartilage. We were shown different histological slides and key parts were pointed out to us, delivered in a lecture format.

12:00 pm – I quickly headed back to my flat to a bite to eat before my next session. I walked back, whilst my flatmate took the bus, yet I still got back before her!

1:15 pm – Anatomy session – today was our first dissection session of the year, focussing in the lower limb. The session was split into 3 parts. In the first part, I did some dissecting along with 2 other students in my Anatomy group, next, we drew out the blood supply and then we finally identified bony landmarks of the lower limb on a skeleton.

3:00 pm – Anatomy finishes and the lecture for today start simultaneously so it is a rush to get out of the dissecting room, take our lab coats off and then rush to the building the lecture is held in. The lecture we had today was quite nice and relaxed, nothing too difficult or Scientific. It was on memory, emotions and the parts of the brain they involve.

6:00 pm – Had another very relaxed evening. Me and my flatmates decided it was about time we created a cleaning rota so we slowly did that.

7:00 pm – I added a couple of things I learnt from my Anatomy session to my notes and slightly tweaked my blood supply diagram to fit with what we were taught.

10:00 pm – We ordered some food in really late, ate and then went to bed even later.

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