8:00 am – Woke up, got ready, had breakfast and then set out for my first 9 am start of this year.

9:00 am – The first time I’ve had 2 communication sessions in 1 week. Today’s session was focussed on cranial nerve examination so each of the 12 cranial nerves were demonstrated in a group session with a simulated patient in a step-by-step manner.

11:00 – Communication finshes and I head back to my flat.

12:00 – I get myself something to eat, tidy up and gather all my things to go head on hom again todya.

2:00 pm – Lecture 1 today was on imaging of the nervous system.

3:00 pm – The second lecture was on the Basal Ganglia which is quite central to the case as it is their function that is impaired in Parkinson’s.

4:00 pm – Final lecture of the day was on Parkinson’s and gave a nice overview of the case.

5:00 pm – And I’m on the bus home…

7:00 pm – By the time I arrive home it’s very dark outside and I just end up catching up on TV programmes and have a relaxing evening, pretty much like every Friday night.

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