One of the things I did a lot when I was applying for Medicine was read up on a health topic and then create a blog post to help me reflect on it properly and gather my thoughts together. A few days ago I was just cruising through my site and reading the odd reflection I wrote during that time. A lot of the posts I wrote back then were for my own personal benefit and didn’t have an audience in mind when I was writing them, BUT some of them are very thorough and useful summaries of an area of Medicine. So I thought why not throw back up the most useful ones so they can actually serve their purpose and be useful rather than sitting 50 posts down in my feed.

Health Tourism

Should the NHS provide IVF for women over 40?

Will we be able to find a cure for dementia?

Obesity – a global epidemic

An Antibiotic Apocalypse

And finally for a bonus article which isn’t on the most useful or common topic, but definitely very very interesting:

Cryopreservation – can we return from the dead?

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