Medicine @ Swansea | Q&A

These questions have been answered by Tara Benson, a 1st year medical student at Swansea.

Is there an age limit to study at Swansea? (e.g. do you have to be 18 before starting first year)

The medicine course at Swansea is graduate entry only, so you’ll have to be old enough to have done a degree beforehand!

What are the best and worst things about studying at Swansea?


  • SO much clinical contact, really prepares you for life as a working doctor
  • Being able to pop to the beach on your lunch break (and see the sea from the clinical skills suite!)
  • Spiral curriculum, so you go over things quite regularly and feel like you’re always building on ideas
  • wide range of clinicians/medical professionals/healthcare staff who teach us
  • Small cohorts, so teaching is always more intimate


  • Very high intensity – they work us hard and sometimes it can be tiring
  • Out of the way from a lot of places, if you’re not from Wales
  • Not a lot of integration between med students and the rest of the uni

Where is Swansea?

On the south west coast of Wales, UK

Do they require UCAT or BMAT?

Neither! Swansea takes GAMSAT, and the cut off score for interview is usually in the high 50s, but it varies!

How early do you start placements in first year?

Our first extended (5 week) placement starts at the end of March, but we begin day GP placements in October!

Are there specific undergraduate degrees that are favoured?

No, Swansea takes all degrees. The undergraduate degree in Applied Medical Science at Swansea is a feeder course for the medicine degree.

Is the course intense?

Yes –  especially being graduate entry and so one year shorter, it is a heavy workload and quite full on – but it’s definitely manageable!

Is there time to have a part-time job alongside studying?

Yes – if you’re someone who has good time management skills (which I don’t), it’s definitely possible to work a couple of shifts a week!

What made you choose Swansea?

The gorgeous location, the high level of clinical contact, the opportunities we get afforded being one of the only med schools in Wales… and the only place I got an offer!

Thank you Tara for answering these questions! You can find out more about her on Instagram:

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