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I have the predicted grades AAB and I don’t think I can convince my teacher to change it. Should I still apply?

Absolutely still apply! Not all universities look at predicted grades and some that do allow a drop in a grade in your predictions (so like your AAB). If your teacher doesn’t change your predictions, just make sure you look in to it properly for different unis and apply to places where you won’t be disadvantaged properly by your predictions.

How much work experience do I need for medicine?

With work experience it’s quality over quantity. There’s not a set amount you need. Instead focus on getting enough experience so you feel as though you’ve got a realistic insight in to Medicine and you’re able to reflect on the roles of a doctor, skills required in medicine and also understand some of the challenges.

I am thinking about applying to Medicine at Manchester. I’ve got a quick question, would they ever accept someone with a grade lower than the standard AAA? For example if you have AAB predicted?

They won’t look at your application if you are predicted below AAA.

I am a first year medical student and I want to ask about the PBL session. For the learning agenda questions, to what extent/level of depth do you research about the case?

I use the lectures and the resources that are made available to us as a guide to how much detail is needed. At this stage you should be thinking about grasping the anatomy and physiology of things. Specific names of compounds and things like that are not generally so important. In terms of conditions, I’d say keep your focus on symptoms and causes, and treatments only very briefly. Working out the depth of knowledge that’s required is honestly a trial and error thing – try and use your closing PBL sessions to gage whether you chose the right level.

What differentiated medical schools that were in similar locations (e.g London area)?

I applied to med schools in 4 different cities, so I didn’t really have a problem differentiating between all the London universities or anything like that. But I think the main things you can use to help you differentiate is the type of course, whether you stand a good chance based on their entrance criteria and as just how you feel at the university (some will just feel right and some you just won’t like, go with your gut!)

Do you actually have time to write poetry/books if you want to?

You definitely have the free time to be able to to whatever you want to, especially on a course that’s less traditional because you have a lot of free time for independent study. In medical school, it all really comes down to managing your time well, if you do that you’ll have plenty of time for things other than studying.

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